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World Heath Organization Confirms Zika Virus in Cape Verde

  • 20 MAY 2016

On May 20, 2016 the World Heath Organization confirmed that the Zika Virus has travelled from the Americas to the Cabo Verde Islands.

The outbreak of Zika virus disease in Cabo Verde was first reported in October last year and we have had over 7000 suspected cases so far, but we are seeing that it has peaked and now we are getting weekly single digit cases reported, so that is good. However, we have had a piece of news that is of great concern, after genetic sequencing of the virus that is circulating in Cabo Verde, we have confirmation that it is the same strain that is causing the outbreak in South America.

Our biggest concern with this development is that this Asian strain that is circulating in South America has caused neurological complications, it has caused cases of microcephaly in children, in newborn children, and also Guillain-Barre syndrome in adults, so this is additional aspect, and worry, because particularly with microcephaly, this is a lifelong issue for families and children and implications as far as this disease is concerned are now very different.

Full details are available on the WHO website on the following pages :



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