Websites Offering Cape Verde Entry Visas

It has come to our attention that there are some websites operating in the United Kingdom which offer services relating to Entry Visas for Cape Verde. The Cape Verde Bureau is not affiliated with these websites in any way. If you are unsure about any company offering such services please contact us.

Warning to travellers to the Cape Verde Islands

There has been some confusion over the application system, regarding Visas to enter the Cape Verde Republic.

For UK citizens travelling to this destination, a visa is required and leading companies are offering (COLECTIVO) at a much lower price than the actual cost for a Visa, which was 41.85 Euros per person, stipulated by the Cape Verde Consulate General in Rotterdam.

There is reason to believe that some of these companies have found a hole in the system to enhance their sales by providing visas to those who are not eligible for that discount. The COLECTIVO is used for those travelling to and from Cape Verde, same destination, same island, same hotel etc, etc.

However, once on arrival at Airport Amilcar Cabral, they are dispersed into different Islands, hotels, guest house etc, a breach of COLECTIVO.

If for some reason your booking does not match the colectivo, you may be asked at the airport to prove that you are part of this system, and if you are not, you may be asked to refund the immigration services with the difference to the real cost stipulated by Rotterdam, and this may cause some delays on arrival. Be aware of these difficulties that may arise if you book a colectivo if you not part of it issued by the Consulate General in Rotterdam.

The immigration Services at Airport Amilcar Cabral in Sal Island, may refuse entry to travellers with improper visas.

Contact us for more information.

Land for Sale

40 hectares of land for sale on the island of Sáo Vicente in Cabo Verde. This land has been approved by the Municipality of Sáo Vicente and import of good connected to future developments of this land can be considered. With about 3 miles of beaches with access in 10 minutes walking and an extinct volcano bordering the north, this is an ideal location for investors. More information is available on request, please contact us.

Moving to Cape Verde?

If you are moving to Cape Verde permanently to work or retire? You will need all documents to be officially translated into Portuguese. Please contact us for more information.

Support for Cape Verdeans

The Cape Verde Bureau is available to provide support to Cape Verdeans living in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic. We aim to attend and assist all Cape Verdean residents in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic.


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